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Pioneer of Innovation in Industry

When health is considered to be the most priceless value of human life, it is vitally important for foods to be in good quality and hygiene.

When the subject is about bakery and restaurants, the matter becomes even more important.
Milen Culinary is proud to serve in this industry with its great attention and care about human health, product's quality and hygiene.

By prioritizing and giving importance to customer satisfaction and product quality, Milen Culinary is still proceeding in its progress in bakery, restaurant and culinary equipments and ergonomic equipments production by professional teams and meet the requirements of bakery and restaurant industry. Milen Culinary is holding a good position in the industry particular in creating and designing culinary equipments and machines in the bakery and restaurant industry and also for providing after sale services with great care and quality.

Milen Culinary Equipments Industry managed to remain standing strong against the harsh economic conditions in our modern world and country. Despite all these hard conditions we are still creating new designs.
Best quality produced products and trusts for these products forms this success.

Milen Culinary will continue its progress to merit this trust by availing to the industry and creating more economical and facilitative products.


In Ivedik Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Milen Culinary produces world standard culinary equipments and machines within 400 m2 covered, 200 m2 uncovered area by considering customer satisfaction as basic principles.

Milen Culinary holds its place in the market steady by considering technology and quality in the frontline and producing products which are best in time efficiency and price. As an arbiter in the industry today, Milen Culinary puts great importance on R&D operations.  Following up technological improvements closely, Milen Culinary will continue their progress of production and investments by making products which will lessen the economic burden and time waste.


Milen Culinary Equipments Industry is creating new inventions day by day to help their customers with more ergonomic products hence contributing to their mass production.
Within this frame, our Sincap Chocolate Grater Machine which was the first of its kind became a focus center of great interest.
Sincap Chocolate Grater Machine which was on display in Fairs gathered great interest  and it is still being used in many bakeries all around Turkey to produce quality products.

Besides this, Milen Culinary blaze a trail with Sincap Semolina Doughnuts Fryer and putting it in the service of the industry. 

Completed as the result of an exhausting R&D operations, Sincap Semolina Doughnuts will be the focus of interest and attention of our customers with its convenience and time efficiency.

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