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Chocolate Grater Machine Specifications

Milen Culinary Equipments Industry. Sincap Chocolate Grater Machine. This product, first of its kind in Turkey and all over the World is a product of R&D operations.
It's was observed that Bakery Industry was having problems in providing  grated chocolate for itself. To meet the requirements of the Bakery Industry, We used our experiences gained over 27 years with the aid of the Bakery Industry and with our research results we developed chocolate grater Machine and provided the grated chocolate demand for the industry.

Sincap Chocolate Grater Machine was presented to the Bakery and Food Industry in 2007.  27 years of experience in Bakery and Restaurant Industry. Milen Culinary Equipments Industry has been serving our dear customers since 1979 in the Bakery and Restaurant Industry and creating new inventions day by day in coordination with our R&D department to help our customers with more ergonomic products to contribute to their mass production. In Ivedik Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, within 400 m2 covered, 200 m2 uncovered area, by considering customer satisfaction as basic principles and with its professional staff, Milen Culinary is in service of the industry with its professional staff.

As a result of our R&D operation, we are very proud to present you our Sincap Chocolate Grater Machine which provides efficiency in energy, time, and men power.

Milen Culinary Equipments Industry


To meet the requirements of the industry and to provide convenience to the industry, as the results of our R&D operations, we lead the way by creating Sincap Chocolate Grater Machine.

As a result of our R&D operations and pioneerism, Sincap Chocolate Grater Machine was introduced into the market in 2007 and became indispensable for enterprises.

Due to the fact of preventing material waste and gathering efficiency in time, energy and men power, since its introduction in market, Sincap Chocolate Grater Machine is still in use around Turkey in exclusive bakeries.

» Exterior surface is created out of stainless material.
» It is pretty easy to clean and hygienic.
» You can grate 2.5 Kg couverture chocolate in short time such as 15 to 20 minutes.
» No residue left. No chocolate will be wasted.
» You could grate refrigerated or normal temperature couverture chocolate by setting precision for required thinness or thickness.
» It is easy to use. You can easily place and stabilize couverture chocolate in grate and start to grate in shortest time.
» You can change grater blades easily. 8 corners of the blades are usable.
» Vise won't heat or melt the couverture chocolate during grating.
» When couverture chocolate fully grated, the machine will stop automatically. You will save energy.
» Sincap Grater Machine could be produced on demand as 220 Volt or 380 Volt.

Residue of grated chocolate.
Chocolate Precision Handle Blade Replacement


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